Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Review: The River Why

The River Why, David James Duncan
1.10.11 - 1.12.11

Mary (my stepmom) gave me this book for Christmas after I saw she was wrapping it for an unnamed someone else. I told her how good, amazing, gut-wrenching his other book, The Brothers K, was. It magically became one of my Christmas presents from her. That really wasn't my intent, but I'm so glad it's what happened. I love this author.

For a book on flyfishing, it was utterly incredible. For a book, it was utterly incredible. ___________, it was utterly incredible. I finished it at The Woods, set it down, and took some deep breaths. The book literally (not figuratively!) left me breathless. I didn't even overly resonate with the message itself, which was a search for the main character's spiritual and religious awareness. I was so very, very, very impressed with how the author achieved this message. His style and execution, as well as his simple and pure metaphors, was so well done.

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