Thursday, May 12, 2011

Book Review: Great House

Great House, Nicole Krauss
4.29.11 - 5.5.11
*library book

"And though I hadn't had more than three or four relationships, I already knew that each time the thrill of telling another the story of yourself wore off a little more, each time you threw yourself into it a little less, and grew more distrustful of an intimacy that always, in the end, failed to pass into true understanding" -134

I love when I can find a passage in a book that completely summarizes my attitude towards whatever I'm currently experiencing. The ability of books to universally speak without sounding trite is quite the talent.


There's a part towards the end where one of the main characters, an older gentleman, talks about re-reading his favorite books with the awareness that it may be for the last time. Lines like that make my awareness of my own mortality flicker brightly, if only for a moment.

I remember how caught up I was in The History of Love, the other book by Krauss that I've read, and this was no different. The only slightly sour note was the ending. I understand why she crafted it the way she did, but I felt like there were a lot of loose ends still needing to be cleared up. I think that to get the type of ending I wanted, she would have had to have written another hundred pages or so.

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