Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book Review: Footnotes in Gaza

Footnotes in Gaza, Joe Sacco

Wherein I reveal my somewhat unpopular, but strongly held, political values concerning Palestine.

I'l admit, I was curious--almost skeptical--about the format of this book. Is graphic cartoon style reallyt ht most appropriate medium for a book about a very violence and controversial piece of the Middle East's history? It really only took me 80 pages to be completely convinced that the answer is a resounding YES. Yes it is the appropriate medium.

I've been blown away by how raw the art is, and by the structure of the visual components. It's written incredibly informatively, and I think the way he creates the profile of the people talking is way easier to follow than memorizing only a name.

This book is really good. It's also really hard to read--but it should be.

After finishing Gravity's Rainbow, I needed to immerse myself into something immediately afterward, but this book ended differently for me. This time, anything else would feel inferior.

The entire book was incredibly raw. I have a lot of respect for how Sacco handled being upfront about the types of information he had, his decision-making process for including interviews, and his portrayal of his own personal experience. It was handled very well.

This book--this topic--is one that makes me want to rage and scream at the injustice of it all, and I feel the shame of my privileged position. it makes me want to get my hands dirty or something. Something.

I really loved this book. I also really liked how he wove his current-day experiences and politics into the story--it really brough home the "why" for the book.

"Because in 50 years, you'll want someone to tell your story"

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