Sunday, February 6, 2011

My (Extra Extra) Mini Bucket List

The Books I Want To Read Before I'm Twenty Three Years Old
(I told you it was extra extra mini)

  • [X]Dhalgren, Samuel Delaney
  • [X]The River Why, David James Duncan
  • [X]Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy (trans. Richard Pevear & Larissa Volohonsky)
  • [X]A Blade of Grass, Lewis DeSoto
  • [X]Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak (trans. Richard Pevear & Larissa Volohonsky)
  • [X]Freedom, Jonathan Franzen
  • [ ]The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen
  • [X]Frankenstein, Mary Shelley
  • [ ]The Death of Ivan Ilvych and Other Stories, Leo Tolstoy (trans. Richard Pevear & Larissa Volohonsky)
  • [X]As I Lay Dying, William Faulkner
  • [ ]The Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius, Dave Eggers
Now, I'll admit, it seems like it's cheating to already have some books knocked off the list as I publish this, but it has been my list since I graduated--I've only now gotten around to posting it. There will be some backlog book reviews to enter (I'm recording them all in a notebook, with a good old fashioned pen, so it's really a matter of me overcoming my laziness and posting it online).

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