Sunday, February 6, 2011

Using What You've Got

I have this really big problem with books. That is, I have this really big problem with buying books. That is, when I'm working part-time for a non-profit and have very very limited expendable income (as in, none), I have a big problem with not being able to afford my book addiction.

[enter New Year's Resolution ideas, stage left]

I made a joke about my New Year's Resolution being a commitment to not dating for an entire year (which, while made tongue-in-cheek, elicited enough laughter that I'm considering it for reals, but that's a very different story).

Since one can never have enough tongue-in-cheek Resolutions, though, I thought about tacking another one on. First I thought about proclaiming to the (blogging) world that I wouldn't buy a book for an entire year, but that just.. hurt. Physical pain at the thought of not buying a book. That, and I know it would make my family and friends laugh at me even more than they already do (in a loving way, of course).

So here it is: [drumroll, please...]

I will read ever book on my shelf. I will record my findings. And I will (try) to blog about it.

First I had to make a list of ever book I own, which took a fair few hours. The final count is somewhere around three hundred. Then I have to type up that list (in progress), and then determine which ones I've already read (I'm guessing somewhere around 65-70%).

Then I shall systematically read the rest. If I'm incredibly unwilling to read it, then by god into the trash it goes! (And by "trash", I of course mean sold off to a used book store or donated to my local library)

If I can't stand it and really need to read something not on my list, I can check it out from the library. If I really need it, I can buy it. BUT I must then read it within the month.

Currently, I have a stack of goals to achieve before my 23rd birthday (April first). I'm about halfway through, which is good progress.

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